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Learning to drive is a process that needs to be done in a safe and controlled manner. It's a learned skill-set and one of the most important aspects to most people's lives. With today's roadways and growing number of motorists, it is more important than ever to become a safe driver. The best method to become a safe driver while acquiring your license is to spend hours of time practicing with a certified driving instructor.

Behind The Wheel Driving Packages

NOTE: All sessions are 90 minutes or 120 minutes in length. Pick up and delivery service is available - additional fees may apply. Ask our representative for details.

Students will learn competent, responsible driving habits. They will gain a better understanding of traffic knowledge. People who receive our driving instruction will also learn risk recognition and responsibility. Our instruction includes collision avoidance defensive driving techniques which utilize proper turning, braking and acceleration.

• 4 Hour - $295

• 6 Hour - $390

• 8 Hour - $520

• 10 Hour - $650

• 12 Hour - $780

• Pickup Service - $75

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Our Philosophy

We believe that learning to drive needs to happen in a calm environment. We offer professional advice and help from state-certified instructors that know how to get it done the most practical and safest way possible. We help make driving lessons and licensing stress-free and create a fun learning environment.

Everyone is different, so each of our lessons are customized to best fit your needs and learning style. We have a flexible curriculum based around instruction that allows us to tailor each plan to maximize learning and the quality spent behind the wheel.

Lesson Structure

All driving instruction is private 1-on-1 with the student behind the wheel. Lesson duration varies between 2 hours and 1.5 hours. We conduct our lessons in modern, full-size vehicles that are state registered learning vehicles equipped with instructor brakes and mirrors.

About our core program curriculum:

Our core programs are the foundation of our entire curriculums. They are designed by our principle curriculum development team composed of law enforcement, performance driver trainers and Department of Transportation trainers. This program centers on development through three stages: car control, defensive driving, and predictive driving. Our core programs are ideal for those who are seeking to become comfortable, confident drivers on our Florida roadways no matter what situation they find themselves in. Safe driving skills and theories cannot be taught in one or two lessons. Our core programs are designed to instill safe driving skills in our students for life. This is the most comprehensive and complete driver training program in the country. Learn both defensive and predictive driving from the most experienced training staff.

Why you should still take driving lessons as an adult:

The driving lessons you take as an adult will help you take your driving experience and skills to the next level. Whether your aim is to get your first driving license or to become a better driver, driving lessons are designed to help drivers adopt safer driving practices.

We train our students on more than basic driving and passing the road test. We use advanced awareness techniques from the performance and racing world to help our students predict and prepare instead of watch and react. We pride ourselves in producing safe student drivers with an increased awareness of the situations unfolding around them on the Florida roads.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

One big benefit of taking driving lessons as an adult is that they will help you maintain a clean driving record. Each time you get a traffic ticket, you should remember that there are points associated with the violation. The Violation Points increase faster and mostly they lead to things like revocation or suspension of driving privileges.

A large number of citations carry only one point although some serious ones can carry up to 2 points. If you accumulate four points or more within 12 months, you will be viewed as a Negligent Operator and you will risk losing your driving privileges. The same happens if you accumulate over 6 points within 24 months or over 8 points in 36 months.

To keep Violation Points off your driving record after you get a ticket, you should take traffic school to get rid of the ticket and to cancel the points. That is a huge benefit, particularly because most insurance companies use driving records to determine rates. Some employers also use the record to determine whether to hire someone or not. A clean driving record is vital.

Become A Safer Driver

You might have driven for many years, but there is a reason why driving lessons exist. They are there to help you make better decisions when driving. You can take refreshers from time to time. The lessons provide everything you require to become better safer driver on the American roads.

You should not wait until the day you receive traffic tickets to start taking driving lessons. You should take the courses to increase your safety when driving. Do what you would want your teen driver to do. That way, you will drive for many years.

Keep Your Auto Insurance Rates Low

Violation points can limit your chances of getting another job or heighten the chances of losing your driver's license. However, the same points can cost you money. The driving record is among the many factors that auto insurance companies use to determine the insurance rates.

If you have already accumulated many points, your potential insurer will see that as a sign of irresponsible driving and higher chances of getting involved in an accident. Even a single point on your driving record may highly increase the insurance rate.

And because points remain on your driving record for three years, you will spend many additional dollars during that time on your auto insurance. But the good news is, the citation will get masked from the auto insurance provider after you have completed driving lessons. Also, most insurance companies offer discounts to individuals with clean Florida driving records.

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We are available:
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In order to participate in active driving lessons, all students must have obtained and possess a valid State of Florida issued Learner's Permit, which can be obtained through our Learn to Drive and Get Your Permit modules.

Driving sessions are scheduled to meet the demand of the student and will vary depending on the student's availability.

Class Information

10% Discount for Public Service Members

Now serving Alachua, Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Levy and Marion Counties.

We are an approved Commercial Driving School with the Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, specializing in training individuals with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I take lessons if I already have my driver's license?

Answer: Yes. Many licensed drivers are not comfortable behind the wheel and we will improve not only your driving skills, but your confidence.

Question: Is there a time limit on completing the training?

Answer: Although there is no limit to when the training must be completed, continued training will assist in you better obtaining and retaining your skillset.

About Professional Instruction

Driving schools can provide valuable instruction and training that can help you become a safer and more confident driver. They can teach you the rules of the road and proper driving techniques, as well as help you develop the skills you need to pass your driver's license test. Additionally, driving schools can offer specialized training, such as defensive driving or advanced driving techniques, which can help you become a more skilled and experienced driver. Furthermore, if you're a new driver or if you haven't driven in a while, attending a driving school can give you the opportunity to practice your driving skills in a controlled and safe environment, which can help you gain confidence and reduce the risk of accidents. In summary, taking instruction from a driving school can be a worthwhile investment in your personal safety and driving skills.

Tap the button to register and schedule appointments with us by phone

We are available:
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-12pm

North Central Florida Driving Academy was established with the well being of ALL drivers in mind. Our goal is to develop skilled drivers by providing them with the knowledge and abilities needed to be a safe and lawful driver. Emphasis for our students is placed on law abidance, appropriate decision making and risk minimization. All of our driving instructors have experience as a driving instructor in Law Enforcement and/or the United States Military and are actively certified as Commercial Driving Instructors through the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

We are located in The Cascades

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